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Idk. I just wanted to get rid of the last post which was from years ago, so yeah. :T Nothin' new to report I guess. Not animating as much as I used to, but still drawing a lot. I've been submitting new artz to my gallery, so check those out if you're interested.

Happy 2012 guys~

M.E. <3

Flash preview

2009-11-02 01:13:50 by MidoriEyes

Here's a preview of my next big animation: 695/

I recently fell in love with Owl City's songs. His genre is exactly my type of music! Fireflies, which is the song in the flash, is but one of my favorites by him, others including Vanilla Twilight, Meteor Shower, Umbrella Beach, Hello Seattle (remix), Cave In, and Hot Air Balloon.

Be looking forward to the finished version!

~M.E. <3

Are we allowed to submit fan art in the Art portal? Like MGS n'stuff? Cuz I got my "ability to scout people" taken away (whatever that means) and I don't understand why. I was thinking maybe it's b/c I submitted an image of mario and luigi? Is that considered copyright infringement for the NG art portal? If anyone can answer me this, please do so asap so I don't get banned or something.


Hey guys. :] Guess who's going to Akon 20?

2009-05-28 19:36:07 by MidoriEyes

Yup, my friend and I are gonna be there, sellin' our stuff. I made clay charms of the bacteria from Moyashimon. Here's an official pic of them: a/enewsletter/art/1108/Moyashimon_micr o-organisms.jpg

Here's the link to my clay charms: kon-20-Moyashimon-charms-123973894

Aren't they adorable? :D

Anyway, the small ones sell for $2, and the bigger ones sell for $3. Hope some of yall on here who are going to Akon will stop by, say hi, and perhaps buy one? That'd make my day. Also, if you say you know me on NG and buy one of my charms, I'll draw a free commission for you of whatever you want. I won't be doing it RIGHT then, but I'd send you a link of yer pic on dA once it's finished in the following days or weeks.

So come and check us out! We'll be in Section D, 1st floor, at a booth that's facing away from the main entrance. Her sign will say "MOE COMPLEX?! Soloplush on dA" since she's a moe anime artist.

See you there! <3

Hey guys. :] Guess who's going to Akon 20?

Hallelujah! :D

2008-04-07 19:37:19 by MidoriEyes

I finally got the preloader to work thanks to all you guys help! ^_^ All I had to do is, when I exported my flash movie, change the Action Scripts from 3.0 to 2.0. :D Dur! My flash movies don't have a lot of fancy stuff in them so it'll take little to zero time to load actually. ^ ^: But it's always nice to have something like that, right?

Thanks again everyone!

Need help in flash!

2008-04-06 22:23:33 by MidoriEyes

Does anyone own Adobe Flash CS3? If so (and even if you don't have it), then do you know how to apply action scripts for preloaders and play buttons, b/c I can't seem to make it work. I downloaded the newgrounds preloader, put it in the first frame of my animation, but it says the action scripts don't work with it! Does it not work with Adobe? Do I need Macromedia or something? 'Cause that's stupid! > <a nd as for buttons, it won't even allow me to type in an action script for it! It says, "current selection cannot have action scripts applied to it". WTH is up with Adobe Flash?! >:U

Even if you don't have Adobe, can anyone help me? I really would like to put a loader in the beginning of my animations. T_T

Thank you.

Hey, I'm new and all...

2008-04-05 23:07:40 by MidoriEyes

I've been a flash animator for a little over a year now, so if anyone has some advice I could use in flash let me know! My specialty is anime, so that's the art you'll see in my animations. If ya don't like it, tough. I'm trying to get better at using special affects and making the movements of my characters more fluid, so critiques on that would be nice. Please people, no flames. This will not help me, in any way, become a better flash animator. If you don't like them, don't comment. Thanks.

I've already done at least 10 flash videos, but prefer not to put up my first four b/c, frankly, they suck and I would only receive low ratings on them. So I'm starting with my fifth (i think) flash titled "Boogie" to start off my debut here on newgrounds.

Most of my flashes will consist of me, code name: Midori, my real life friends, or my OC's. I rarely do fan flashes, but if I find a song or audio clip that I think would fit perfectly with a certain anime/game, then I'll probably make a flash with it for humorous purposes. I've said all this in the artist's comments box of my "Boogie" flash, but I'm saying it again just in case you don't watch it.

Well, that's about all I have to say. I hope to be successful here and encourage your comments. Thank you! :)